Welcome Letter

Charlotte, USA is a great community, filled with people who care. Just as we want our fellow citizens to have the best services throughout their lifetime, we want our businesses, new and old, to thrive in a supportive environment. With a spirit of caring for our community today and for generations to come, I invite you to support a unique public-private initiative that is caring for our region’s growing entrepreneurial community, the Charlotte Regional Fund for Entrepreneurship.

Charlotte is far away from Silicon Valley, but, as entrepreneurial hubs, we share common knowledge about the importance of “high growth” entrepreneurs to our entire economy. We know that they are responsible for a majority of the job growth nationally over the last decade; it is estimated that 15% of all new jobs come from these fast-growing businesses. We know that entrepreneurs have different needs compared to larger, more established companies. We also know that a complete ecosystem of services and programs must exist to support the unique stages for innovation-based, high-growth entrepreneurship. Nurturing that prized entrepreneurial community delivers benefits to all of us.

The city of Charlotte, in partnership with the Foundation For the Carolinas, has now taken action to grow and sustain such an ecosystem. With an on-the-table commitment of $500,000 by the City to match 1:1 with outside contributions, the community has the chance to invest up to $1,000,000 in new and critical programs that support a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem. Building on that initial funding, the CRFE will continue to grow its pool of resources that ensure a welcoming and thriving environment for entrepreneurs.

The CRFE is the ready partner to establish our area as the place to start and nurture companies. The CRFE:

  • Funds programs that help entrepreneurs succeed;
  • Sustains a healthy entrepreneurship ecosystem; and
  • Catalyzes critical connections, programming, and services.


Jobs will grow in the Charlotte region if we provide the financial leadership to support the CRFE and its programs that care for the high-growth entrepreneur. With your contributions, the matching funds from the City of Charlotte, and professional management by The Foundation for the Carolinas, we have a great opportunity.

Please join me and other Charlotte citizens who are caring for our community by caring for our entrepreneurs. I and other board members look forward to discussing further with you.


David Jones
Chairman, The Charlotte Regional Fund for Entrepreneurship